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Danny has created a special book here that will be fun for children! Not everyone knows how to play the piano, but most everyone can learn the three or four ukelele chords that can accompany them singing a Primary song. His instructions are simple and understandable and you can be accompanying the songs in no time! It will add a lot to your home evening."  
       -Janice Kapp Perry

Janice Kapp Perry is a composer, songwriter and author. She is most notable for her work related to her membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). She has written over 1,200 songs, which appear in the church's official hymnal, Children's Songbook, and many personal albums, songbooks and musicals. Perry has also composed albums in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
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Free ukulele lessons for beginners!!
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My Story
My first real experience with the ukulele comes from teaching guitar. The store where I was teaching guitar had a high demand for ukulele teachers so I took the challenge. I just had to make sure I was one page ahead of my students. ;) Students soon asked for ukulele arrangements of all types of songs; pop, country, jazz, rock and hymns. Many of the songs on the web were unclear or contained mistakes, so I went the extra mile and wrote it on professional writing software to give them a clear arrangement. The growth from this experience has been astounding!
I have always wanted to write a guitar book, primarily a hymn book of some kind (and may still do so wink wink, nudge nudge). As I was brainstorming with a co-worker, she mentioned a ukulele primary song book of some kind. I started immediately. Its all I could think about for the next few days. I wrote down my favorites and started writing not really knowing all the head ache and frustration that comes from copy rites, photo's, website jibberish, and printing details that go into getting a book of any kind out there. 
One thing I was adamant about is making the chords and keys easy for starters. I hope to have found a good balance for anyone who opens this book. I had help finding the right blend from singing and playing ukulele with my wife, family members and sharing some arrangements with other ukulele players. From this experience I have gained confidence for the next project and the respect for those who write and arrange music. 
Online Learning
When purchasing this book you will gain access to the videos associated with each song. Here I go over the chords and strum pattern before playing each song with you. If you are stuck on some basic chords or reading, I include a basic music theory video and the strumming techniques I use in the book.

Daniel Eames Heslop
Hello! Danny here and I love music. I have a degree in Jazz guitar and have been teaching for many years. I currently teach at BYU Idaho. I love primary songs. I hope you enjoy learning some of my favorites on your ukulele!
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